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  • Stress From Work

    Nowadays,the working life of people is very stressful, which is high stress to the heart. Especially the people who had the heart problem.


    We here focus on offerring a continuous monitoring system for the heart problem person. Through monitoring the heart rate, heart sounds, pulse wave, blood flow, blood pressure and so no, we can accurately monitoring the state of your body.


    The system can monitor your state after taking medicine and your heart state undering high stress.


    This product system is functioned and wearable. Liking the doctor around you and convoy your life.

  • Heart Signal


    Heart Rate

    confirm the emotion and

    life environment

    Heart Sounds

    confirm relaxation and contraction state of the heart​

    Blood Flow

    The fundamental varible of

    blood circulation

    Pulse Wave

    More information than blood pressure, overall diagnosis


    Temperature measurement

    throughout the day​

    GPS Location

    Locate the place and know the environment affection

  • Stress Level

  • After Medicine

    Make correct input

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